2000 Ceramic Detangler Dryer

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The 2000 Ceramic Detangler Dryer is the perfect hair dryer for anyone who wants to detangle their hair quickly and easily. With its powerful motor and ceramic heating elements, the 2000 Ceramic Detangler Dryer dries hair quickly and evenly, leaving it smooth, shiny, and frizz-free.


  • Powerful motor for fast drying
  • Ceramic heating elements for smooth, shiny hair
  • 3 heat settings and 2 speed settings for customized styling
  • Cool shot button for setting style or adding shine
  • Lightweight and easy to hold
  • Long, durable cord for reach
  • 2 patented detangler piks


  • Achieve salon-quality results at home
  • Save time and money on salon visits
  • Dry hair quickly and evenly
  • Leave hair smooth, shiny, and frizz-free
  • Customize the airflow and heat to suit your hair type and styling needs
  • Set your style or add shine with the cool shot button
  • Comfortable to use for extended periods of time
  • Reach all areas of your hair with the long, durable cord
  • Detangles hair quickly and easily

Order your 2000 Ceramic Detangler Dryer today and experience the difference!